Learn Self Hypnosis with Steve Woods

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Self Hypnosis is real!

Tonight you will learn how to self hypnotise and look after yourself.

– Learn more about Hypnosis and how it works;
– Think about how to use it for your own benefit;
– Group relaxation session to learn how to be hypnotised;
– Program your own mind while relaxed in order to be able to self hypnotise when ready;
– Learn and practice self hypnosis.

Not only will you leave the talk with skills you can use but you will also feel great after the group relaxation and your own self hypnosis work.

‘Past Life Exploration for Present Life Development’ with Hypnotist Steve Woods

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Steve Woods has been helping people with Hypnosis for over 10 years and Past Life Regression work for over 7.

At this talk he will cover what Hypnosis is and how it works to change your mind before moving into the fascinating world of Past Life Regression.

The topics for discussion will be what past life memories may or may not be, where they might come from and are the they real? Some real life examples of the often therapeutic nature of Past Life Regression (both emotional and physical) and even reasons why sometimes we cant find any memories to explore.

As well as the therapeutic side we will also discuss the detail and consistency of the factual information gathered in regressions and the results of some clients ‘googling’ afterwards.

And of course we will talk about if the process can be dangerous and the methods introduced to help clients through the sometimes emotional aspects of experiencing past life memories.

You will be able to ask questions throughout which will no doubt guide the talk in different directions which will make it a fascinating evening of interest and intrigue.

For more info visit www.experiential-hypnosis.com

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